• Product Development

    CellApp carry a diverse skill set which provides a wide platform for Mobile Application Development, transforming novel ideas into utility apps.

  • Development Partner

    CellApp plays the role of a software development arm to service providers and mobile companies transforming their ideas into rational products across multiple mobile platforms

  • UX Evaluation

    CellApp provides User Experience evaluation of  mobile applications, solutions and work together with clients to improve and derive the best out of smart devices.

  • Strategic Partner

    CellApp works as a consultant for non ICT organisations in evolving their mobile solutions strategy for effective business development and management.

We Work For You

United to Achieve More. Collaborate with us to realize your innovative performance goals. Our approach though practical & flexible enables you to achieve your vision of success, at your pace & on your terms.

Fresh Solutions

Have an idea? Let’s hear it.
Let's work together to make it even better. We offer more than design and development!  We'll help you to keep what works, put away what doesn't, and build on your best ideas.

Clients Choose Us!

Actions speak louder than words. We have built our reputation on the quality of the work that we do. We have a reputation for innovative and flexible service delivery, a reputation that keeps clients with us for the long-term.

Our Strategies

Collaborate, Iterate, Evaluate. These three actions are the foundation for our work; the discovery, design, development, deployment, and dialogue needed to make our projects succeed.